I decided to start writing about my money troubles as an outlet for my shame, and angst as I feel like I’m going to explode continuing to hide my dirty little secret.  I can’t be the only one out there in a financial disaster, can I?

My life is pretty good at 50, I’m healthy, have a great family, and have a great paying job. However money’s always been a struggle. I just can’t seem to get it together no matter what I try. I have ADHD and it’s always been difficult for me to keep anything organized especially money. Really, keeping a house clean and my financial house clean two VERY different things. I can’t seem to control impulsivity and many times I jump into things cus I just don’t know how to say no and feel obligated….like the time I took my perfectly fine car in for repairs and walked out with one I couldn’t afford. I’ll explain that in another post.

So, I vow today to start my financial independence to get to a credit rating of 670. I choose 670 because that means I can get a mortgage? Lets see how long it takes me.

In this blog I’m going to let it all hang out. Posting all my bills, amounts, interest rates. I sent away for my credit rating and will even post that. I will share my expenses, income etc…. Follow me in my journey. Who knows, maybe I can even help you to feel free. We are not our bank account or credit rating.

P.S. Just writing this has alleviated some anxiety already.