Ok so today I’m really obsessed with getting this blog off the ground… AND tackling this debt. So I went into my filing cabinet (really more a box) and found an old journal.  While going through it I found a note from my sister, who said I should treat my finances as a business and I’m the CEO.  Yep, making decisions about everything!  So I guess that makes me the CFO also. Every company must account for everything.

As a Project Manager I’m very good at planning projects, meeting deadlines and most importantly budgeting for those projects.  Once I even had a job as an Administration Manager responsible for forecasting budgets, and accounts payables and receivables.  I was very good at it and loved it.  Its about time Nuffy Ltd hired a CFO – and who better but ME!

Yes, I’ll be preparing and posting a spending record, forecast budget, followed by an actual budget, a cheque expenditure plan every two weeks, a list of all my debts and any plans to eliminate that debt.




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